Luis Morató, a professional coach for Enlightened Leadership, communicates and connects empathetically with each of his clients in their own personal and professional terms, to guide them in seeing their potential and to help them move forward more easily and confidently to achieve their desired objectives and results.

Coaching since 2010, Luis is highly effective with international executives and leaders in both large and small companies due to his wide and multicultural vision and long experience in successfully overcoming challenges and resolving problems though the use of different leadership styles and by developing leadership flexibility. His experience as CEO of a large art materials distributor in Mexico taught him that regardless of the size of a company, it is necessary to have a committed team led by committed leaders. He believes this is true in every industry, as well as in everyday life.

Luis’ areas of expertise, as both a coach and trainer, are in leadership development, effective communication, emotional intelligence, accountability, team functionality, change management, public speaking, situational leadership, and conflict management.

Prior to his career in coaching, Luis gained over 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions, in sectors such as construction (planning and building) and arts and crafts materials distribution. After working many years in administrative and commercial positions, he realized that both his personal and professional fulfillment comes from working with people as an executive and leadership coach.

Luis holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. He is also certified as an executive coach by Ola Coach Corporation (Madrid, Spain). He uses DiSC, LEA 360, the TKI Conflict Resolution Model, and other leadership development coaching tools.

Luis’ native language is Spanish, and he also comfortably coaches in English.