Jared Douglas Ouko is a leadership coach for Enlightened Leadership, who applies a situational approach and carefully considers the client view to inform the coaching plan and set objectives. His intellect, intuition, presence, and empathy allow clients to uncover possibilities as they move forward from the culture of dependency to independence to interdependence.

Jared has more than 15 years coaching and consulting experience, including as regional training and development director with Africa Air Rescue, consulting for UN-UNICEF ESAR (Eastern and Southern Africa Region). During this time, he championed the recruitment and coaching of 40 global leadership succession plans with the University of Pretoria and implemented the predictive index as an organizational development and coaching tool.

Jared specializes in helping leaders and managers in the banking, manufacturing, aviation, IT, agriculture, legal, medical, NGO, wildlife, and education industries, in the Netherlands, India, and numerous African countries. He authored Selling Skills and Goal Setting & Dreams, and writes for the National newspaper and Management magazine, published by the Kenya Institute of Management.

He is a professional public speaker, speaker mentor, evaluator, and award-winning, certified member of Toastmaster International. For Africa Air Rescue, Jared’s impactful coaching sessions resulted in sales managers surpassing productivity targets. His internal coaching resulted in external referrals, fueling his passion for coaching and leading to Citigroup and United Nations contracts.

Jared is a marketing graduate of Transworld Education College, UK, and he has trained with Results Coaching South Africa, the International Coach Federation (ICF), and The Ken Blanchard Companies, for whom he is an executive leadership and management coach. He is the Founder and President of ICF Kenya. His native language is Luo and he is fluent in Kiswahili and English.

Jared loves personal development, especially eliciting the best from young people, and tapping into the wisdom of the elderly. He enjoys reading, creative thinking, socializing, nature, photography, conversation, guitar playing, journaling, fishing, jogging, and golf.