On the eve of the start of the New Year 2015, we want to celebrate by giving thanks to all our clients with whom we’ve worked this last year.

Why are we grateful to you all? Because you’re choosing to live a bigger and happier life, with more meaning, and more contribution. We’re grateful to you for the times you’ve tried something different, even when you weren’t in the mood. For when you’ve put yourself way out there, in spite of paralyzing fear. For when you’ve stopped playing it safe, embraced the unknown, and dared to risk more, even while worrying about failing big. For your determination to live and lead according to your values, even when what’s going on around you shouts at you to stop. For all the times you’ve decided to act out of curiosity and compassion, instead of judgment and criticism (especially of yourself). We’re grateful for all the times you’ve acted for love’s sake and nothing else, even when it’s defied the status quo.

Thank you for not giving up on continuing to discover and embrace all of who you are, and making that the basis for a richer life for yourself–and thus for all the people who surround you and whose lives you touch– even when you’re not always sure exactly what that is, or how to do it, or when you’re feeling exhausted, or when it seems impossible.

Because it’s this commitment of yours to living your own best life that’s making the difference and creating a better world for all of us.

See you on the other side of 2015!